Morgan as Gwendolen Fairfax

On Labour Day Weekend, The Tir na nOg Alumni Players of Bowen Island Presented The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde.

Directed by Jack & Julie Headley


The Cast (in no particular order):

Algernon Moncrieff… Dan Cowper
John Worthing……… Christian Duntz
Miss Prism…………… Nicole Perry
Lady Bracknell……… Cimarron Ballantyne
Cecily Cardew………. Masae Day
Dr. Chasuble……….. Calder Stewart
Gwendolen Fairfax… Morgan Ballantyne
Lane………………….. Jack Headley
Merriman…………… Julie Headley

It was a pleasure, as always, to work with this cast. No one minded piling on rehearsals. At CCPA we performed small pieces each week, but it has been too long since I’ve had the opportunity to get into a full role. It’s also been a wonderful opportunity to use what I have learned in the past year. Thank-you to Christopher Weddell and Iris MacGregor Bannerman, you both were both in my mind.

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End of summer — 2006

Now I am working at two restaurants on Bowen Island! And I’ve been promoted to servers at both – so if you eat out on the Island I may be performing for your table. Wow, I now realize how important those tips are to the people who serve. I’ve become much more generous when I someone is waiting on me. This is part of my education too.

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July to September Plans

It’s been an expensive year, and I am trying to put a little money in the bank. So, almost every day I’m waiting tables at a local restaurant. Please check out the new head shot on my home page.

I am writing in the last week in July, and the senior players of the Tir na nOg Repertory Group (I just made up that name) have finally agreed on a late summer play, and it is a good one! Over the Labour Day Weekend we will present Oscar Wilde’s great farce, The Importance of Being Earnest. So plan to attend. I’ll post the showtimes when I know them.

Hooray! I graduated from the Canadian College of Performing Arts! That’s my sister and my Mom. Dad’s taking the picture.

Oh my, but I miss all of my colleagues and teachers at the school. For months we were so close… shared everything.

Back on Bowen Island I was immediately pressed into service running the lighting board for several student productions. So I’m too busy to give much attention to this web site. I know, the amateurish résumé needs be redone. And I have a great new head shot. Someday soon.

And… I’d love some job offers! Acting, sure – but any work that pays. After years of dancing you know I’m not afraid of long hours and hard work.

My plans for this blog

This blog contains the same information as my old activities page. You should be seeing it as part of my web site MorganBallantyne.com. If you don’t, please follow that link. [click the title if you don’t see the rest of this article…]

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The year 2005 has been amazing. I know I will look back on it as a turning point in my life. My decision was to use my years of training as a dancer, plus the joy I experienced from participating in many amateur plays, with my singing to see if I can make a career in the theatre. So the year began with the round of auditions for the various advanced acting schools in Canada. They all have limited enrollment.

Auditions are just plain scary. Yes, some resulted in rejection. But, I was accepted by CCPA, and I was invited to perform in Voices in the Sound. I was also a late selection for Vancouver’s Theatre in the Park, but by that time I was committed to Voices.

I loved working as an intern at Tir na nOg. After Voices in the Sound, and just before college, we presented the great comedy, Harvey.

And now I am exposing my soul in the roller-coaster ride at the Canadian College of Perfoming Arts.

HARVEY by Mary Chase

harveyThere is a group of us on Bowen who have been acting together for years with Tir na nOg. Most of us will be off to other activities during the winter school season, so this summer we decided to have one last production together. As I update the web site, we are only a few days away from presenting the wonderful comedy, Harvey, by Mary Chase, as a benefit for the TNN building fund. Please attend!