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Ah, another sunny day. Being an honest-to-goodness West Coast Girl, I do love the rainy, foggy, cloudy days and I really don’t realize just how much I miss the sun until it finally reappears. So today I set out in high spirits to see what the day would offer. I had got only about a block, though, before I had to double back for a jacket. Although the day looked like summer, the air spoke of a different time of year! Equipped with season-appropriate clothing I tried my walk again. I wandered down Burrard St. towards the water where I encountered the new Vancouver Convention Centre. It has been under construction for the longest time, and is finally showing signs of being finished. I have to say, it is impressive.

Vancouver Convention Centre's green roof

It positively dominates the waterfront. It has been designed with an emphasis on being “green”. (If you go through their website you’ll actually find a section on “Corporate Values” – an unusually pleasant read.) In strolling along the pedestrian walkway that curves around the building, I had to appreciate the awe-inspiring nature of the structure. The location is perfect (by that I mean central), the view is incredible, and from what I could see of the inside they had left it simple and open so that the convention-goers could be immersed in the beauty of BC.

synthetic honeycomb

However, considering all of the apparent environmental considerations of this colossal structure, I was surprised to see that so much of it was a concrete garden. There is an enormous courtyard, which could be quite lovely, except that they only greenery in sight were some sad lonely bamboo fronds. As I made my way down the steps, though, I was happy to see evidence of greenery to come. If anyone has ever wondered how soil stays put on a steep slope, I saw a garden in partial completion and this is how they did it. I wasn’t able to find out what the rubber honeycomb is called, so if anyone knows please tell me.

If you head west along the seawall and look back, the enormity of the building hits you again along with it’s striking green roof which is tilted on a shocking angle (After all, what’s the point of a green having a green top if no one can see it?) Although I am dubious about how much good the “greeness” of the Convention Centre will do, it’s nice to see that organizations are embracing the idea of sustainability.


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