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A New Adventure



It has been a long time since I last posted. About 2.5 years if my math is correct. There has been a lot of soul – searching, a lot of exploration, and I feel I am honing in on a nice place for me to stake out a life for myself.

This has taken the form of Lovely Designs. I am taking it slow, unwilling to limit it, but rather letting it define itself for me. With each passing day I feel more freedom, and more inspired by the joy it is bringing me.

The site, which is primarily a blog at the moment, allows me to showcase design and designers and serves as a platform for my creative compulsions. The plan is to have a shop on etsy where I can sell my creations, but that will come. At the moment I am stretching my wings, testing my voice and getting ready to fly.



It feels good.





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