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Hooray! I graduated from the Canadian College of Performing Arts! That’s my sister and my Mom. Dad’s taking the picture.

Oh my, but I miss all of my colleagues and teachers at the school. For months we were so close… shared everything.

Back on Bowen Island I was immediately pressed into service running the lighting board for several student productions. So I’m too busy to give much attention to this web site. I know, the amateurish résumé needs be redone. And I have a great new head shot. Someday soon.

And… I’d love some job offers! Acting, sure – but any work that pays. After years of dancing you know I’m not afraid of long hours and hard work.


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This blog contains the same information as my old activities page. You should be seeing it as part of my web site MorganBallantyne.com. If you don’t, please follow that link. [click the title if you don’t see the rest of this article…]


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