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The year 2005 has been amazing. I know I will look back on it as a turning point in my life. My decision was to use my years of training as a dancer, plus the joy I experienced from participating in many amateur plays, with my singing to see if I can make a career in the theatre. So the year began with the round of auditions for the various advanced acting schools in Canada. They all have limited enrollment.

Auditions are just plain scary. Yes, some resulted in rejection. But, I was accepted by CCPA, and I was invited to perform in Voices in the Sound. I was also a late selection for Vancouver’s Theatre in the Park, but by that time I was committed to Voices.

I loved working as an intern at Tir na nOg. After Voices in the Sound, and just before college, we presented the great comedy, Harvey.

And now I am exposing my soul in the roller-coaster ride at the Canadian College of Perfoming Arts.


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