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Since I hope to have the opportunity to act, sing and dance, I was very fortunate to be accepted into the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Their program seems tailored for everything I would like to pursue. I am anticipating a grueling schedule, so I do not expect to spend much time adding to this web site until maybe next summer. CCPA site here.


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Morgan Ballantyne nameOne day in May I returned home from an audition in Vancouver and received a phone message that there was a director who was auditioning for a musical right here on Bowen Island! I called, and the director, Gil Yaron, asked if I could come over immediately. They had been holding auditions for some time, but it seems that I fit the various parts they needed. I was cast and rehearsals started a few days later.

Here is the story. Pauline Le Bel envisioned a 3-day festival to celebrate the history and natural beauty of Bowen Island. She assembled an amazing group of talented people. For this, Pauline had written and composed a musical production, Voices in the Sound. Her choice of the site was important to the play. She decided to perform it on an open stage in forested alcove on the verge of a meadow about 1/2 kilometer from any road. It all happened, just the way Pauline knew it would. The music was rich and wonderful and the story is truly moving. Hundreds of people walked into Crippen Park for this event. My friends took some pictures . I remember the rehearsals as hard work, but the performances were like a wonderful dream.

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