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The first good news of 2005 happened when I offered to volunteer with the theatre school where I have performed since I was 8 years old, Tir na nOg. Jack and Julie, the principals of TNN agreed to assist me with my audition pieces, and even better, they offered to take me on as their first intern in the school. They warned me of long hours, and cautioned that they and the students would be counting on my reliable attendance and participation. I am not sure that I can say that I enjoyed the hours sorting dusty old costumes, but I loved working with the young actors and serving as stage manager on several of the productions for the spring festival. Since kids get sick, it also meant that I’d sometimes have almost no time to learn a part to fill in for a performance.

Bowen Island is lucky to have Tir na nOg, and Jack and Julie are two caring and dedicated people. There is now a generation of young islanders who are fearless about performing and love to work with playwrights like Fry, Stoppard and Shakespeare. I have had so many wonderful experiences with them!


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